Nature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh

Grid Reference: SU506669

Recent sightings at Nature Discovery Centre

04/12/21StarlingNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh11000R C Davies
Some murmuration build up to about 5000 with a Sparrowhawk circling around them. A larger group arrived later and all went in quickly together.  
30/11/21Song ThrushNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh1G Stewart
Not often seen around NDC lake.  
30/11/21StarlingNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh5000G Stewart
Another large murmuration late this afternoon about 5000+ Starling- only seen for about 10 minutes.  
23/11/21StarlingNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh1G Stewart
2500. Murmuration seen again but of shorter duration. Probably 2500-3000 birds. After main flock went to roost still more flew in over the Reed beds.  
16/11/21StarlingNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh2500G Stewart
Murmuration of about 2500/3000 Starling seen about 15.55 to 16.05hrs not so so long as seen on previous occasions. After the Main flock had gone to roost further flocks of 100 or so Starling flew southwards over the lake.  
16/11/21ShovelerNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh9G Stewart
Seven Males and two Females.  
13/11/21StarlingNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh1G Stewart
Murmuration of Starling seen around !5.55 to 16.15 with about 2000 to 2500 birds. Viewed from east of lake by the beach towards S.W over the reed beds.  
09/11/21StarlingNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh1G Stewart
Murmuration of 2000/3000 (maybe more) over reed beds in same location as last year- Viewed from east of lake looking south west.  
30/10/21Red KiteNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh3G Stewart
A pair seen giving an aerial display for about 10 mins over towards Thatcham Town centre.  
30/10/21Mandarin DuckNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh2G Stewart
One male seen lurking under overhanging branches on north side of island with possible female.