Grid Reference: SU3767

Recent sightings at Avington

01/05/19CuckooAvington1B Lyle
heard only.  
20/04/19CuckooAvington1A E Hickman
m. In song. SU371677.  
24/11/17GLOSSY IBISAvington1R Righelato
Found and photographed by Toby Hudson (fishery manager) on private land with no public access. SU3668.  
23/12/10SnipeAvington1T G Ball
Flew S over A4.  
12/04/10StarlingAvington30R G Hardy
Feeding in field with about 10 jackdaws.  
12/04/10WhitethroatAvington1R G Hardy
Singing male.  
12/04/10SkylarkAvington3R G Hardy
Singing males.  
12/04/10YellowhammerAvington1R G Hardy
Singing male.  
12/04/10Meadow PipitAvington1R G Hardy
Singing male.  
17/03/10Lesser Black-backed GullAvington10R G Hardy
Feeding at piggery in fields north of A4 along with about 100 common, herring and black-headed gulls and about 150 crows, jackdaws and rooks.