Lower Earley

Grid Reference: SU7570

Recent sightings at Lower Earley

15/10/21Long-tailed TitLower Earley4D J Mills
adults together briefly on feeders - 1st of autumn.  
17/09/21SparrowhawkLower Earley1D J Mills
fem. Over flying straight at about 50 feet high.  
31/08/21HobbyLower Earley1D J Mills
Opposite ASDA - Seen briefly flying fast & straight , a little above roof height , heading SE . Dark , hawk shape with no sign of colour , light poor. new local tick.  
30/08/21Coal TitLower Earley1D J Mills
on garden nut feeder - 1st for some time.  
22/08/21Great Spotted WoodpeckerLower Earley1D J Mills
male. local bird calling repeatedly from top of favourite tall ASH - sadly no SWIFT seen since 18th.  
18/08/21SwiftLower Earley1D J Mills
Usual area - fast &low feeding in straight line , heading north & up high into blue gap in weather front.  
15/08/21SwiftLower Earley1D J Mills
similar to previous sightings this week , though feeding with more urgency today for 6 or more loops , then lost down-wind (heading NE) in front of advancing heavy cloud cover.  
12/08/21SwiftLower Earley2D J Mills
2 single birds about 5 mins apart - repeat of Tuesday - usual site - couple of low feeding loops the off into the wind heading SW.  
10/08/21SwiftLower Earley1D J Mills
seen from passenger seat of car flying low & towards SW like the others earlier.  
10/08/21SwiftLower Earley3D J Mills
exactly same place I saw 1st birds 2021 - flying together circling Low/Very low , feeding below roof height - then off towards SW . Welcome sun & blue sky for a change.