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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023.

21/08/23OspreyShaw, Newbury1N Cleere
High up soaring on thermals. Eventually drifted southwest.  
09/08/23OspreyNewbury1A E Hickman
Seen from the garden! Appeared flying in from the north, circled a few times then headed directly south in a straight line quite fast. Been waiting 17 years for one to go over! Magic.  
05/04/23OspreyThatcham1R C Davies
Over East Thatcham. Circled a few times with the Kites before heading off North.  
28/03/23OspreyTilehurst1I Dean
Negative news
Whilst walking the dogs we could hear seagulls calling and screaming (This is Berkshire and we are nowhere near a tip) as they came into sight they were high and mobing a larger bird. It was clearly not a Kite nor a Buzzard both are common here and their wing shape is known to me, I suspected Osprey 'passing through' I noted wing pattern and colouring with my wife as witness and checked with my field guide back at home and confirmed 'Osprey' a first for me and I never expected it to be in Berkshire. SU657734.