Little John's Farm, Reading

Grid Reference: SU6974

Recent sightings at Little John's Farm, Reading

27/06/21Black-headed GullLittle John's Farm, Reading65S A Graham
Cow lane: mix of ad. & f/s on flooded field w. of Cow Lane.  
27/06/21Grey HeronLittle John's Farm, Reading3S A Graham
Cow lane.  
22/05/21Carrion CrowLittle John's Farm, Reading2S A Graham
2 juv. St Mary's island: 2 unfledged Juv. in nest adjacent to Rookery. SU691750.  
22/05/21RookLittle John's Farm, Reading1S A Graham
St Mary's Isalnd: furiously mobbing Red Kite low over the 2 nests in the small Rookery. SU691750.  
16/05/21WoodpigeonLittle John's Farm, Reading1S A Graham
What I took to be a duck spalshing about in the actual river Thames turend out to be an adult Woodpigeon washing itself before flying back into the trees.  
16/05/21Herring GullLittle John's Farm, Reading9S A Graham
2 3s + 7 2s. Dropped onto the replenished floods in between the shows but driven off by 1 of 3 adult LBBG.  
16/05/21WoodpigeonLittle John's Farm, Reading20S A Graham
Bizarre sight of a flock of bird flexing one wing and then the other horizontally in the heavy rain, presumably trying to get a free shower.  
17/04/21Egyptian GooseLittle John's Farm, Reading14S A Graham
11 ad + 3 juv. On the Thames, incl. pair with 3 large ducklings.  
17/04/21Great Crested GrebeLittle John's Farm, Reading2S A Graham
2 ad. St Mary's Iasland on the Thames.  
11/04/21BuzzardLittle John's Farm, Reading2S A Graham
Xow lane: one chocolate brown dark phase the other creamy white pale phase.