BTO Winter Atlas Pilot Patch List

28 November 2005 | Marek Walford

In advance of field work for the new atlas in 2007-2011, during the winter of 2005/06 there will be an intensive phase of pilot field work to better understand the effectiveness of methods for surveying wintering bird populations.

In Berkshire the chosen ten kilometre square for these pilots is SU67. A team of 40+ observers will be carrying out field work between November 2005 and February 2006. So observers can keep track of how others are getting on and for a bit of fun I've set up a "Patch List" for SU67. Any "roving recorders" can take part by filling in the form at this link.

Please stick to the instructions given by the BTO (e.g. don't count fly-overs). As well as listing your highlights please indicate your level of coverage. Also, be aware that this is not a substitute for filling in the BTO forms.