The Birds of Berkshire Conservation Fund Jan 04

2 February 2004 | Renton Righelato

The profits from the sales of The Birds of Berkshire are held by the BOC in a fund dedicated to bird conservation work. After making three grants in 2002/3 totalling �1,700, the fund available now stands at approximately �3,700. The Club is inviting proposals for 2004 from local organisations or individuals for grants to support bird conservation work in Berkshire in general and for projects involving wetlands in particular. It is unlikely that individual grants will exceed �1,000.

Proposals will be judged against the following criteria:

Proposals for consideration in Spring 2004, stating the work to be done and the conservation benefits it will provide and addressing the above criteria, should be sent to the secretary who can be contacted for further information (Renton Righelato, 63 Hamilton Road, Reading, RG1 5RA; tel 0118 926 4513; email by 31st March 2004. Applications will be judged by a committee representing the authors of The Birds of Berkshire and the Environment Agency, which provided support for its publication.