Sponsor me for the 2006 Bird Race

4 May 2006 | Marek Walford

The 2006 Bird Race will take place on Saturday 13th May. Unfortunately I have lost the services of Paul, whose wife is due to have a baby, and Mike, who will be going to a wedding. Fortunately, Mike McKee has agreed to take part and we have recruited Chris Turner, a mate of Mike's from university.

However, Mike will be on a birding trip in Lithuania until the day before the race and Chris lives in London and his experience of birding in Berkshire is confined to twitching the Laughing Gull. Therefore very little "reccying" has taken place and the traditional planning meeting in a pub won't happen at all. We have been discussing things over email but here's one of Chris' comments to give you an idea of what a "coup" he is.

Can we guarantee Wood Pigeon at Aldworth? If not I have a pretty good back up site. Let me know if it needs recceing?

You can see what a hard time we're having so please sponsor me. You can sponsor a fixed amount, an amount per species (in previous years we've recorded between 105 and 111 species), or come up with your own really complicated pricing structure, like Jerry did last year. Just send me an email to let me know how much you would like to sponsor me and I'll collect the money after the race.

Sponsorship money will be used for conservation work in Berkshire. Last year some of the money went towards funding the feeding stations at Moor Green Lakes and Lavell's Lake, as well as funding the excellent work the TABCG do.