Local area year listing 2022

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1R H Stansfield152Centred on SU739712 (Earley) so circle overlaps some of Oxfordshire and a small part of Hampshire.02/12/2022
2R Dawson144Centred on my house postcode in Wokingham and includes small sections of Oxfordshire, Surrey and Hampshire26/11/2022
3M F Walford14210km radius of my house in Emmer Green. Includes parts of Oxfordshire.19/11/2022
4R J Godden115The Berkshire part of the SU86 10km square, the same area that I survey for Butterfly Conservation. (c. 79 sq km)14/11/2022
5S A Graham102Retired 8/6 due to a medical condition, now slowly endeavouring to catch-up again.27/12/2022

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