2011 Berkshire county year listing

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1A M Horscroft202May i say many thanks to all those involved in making 2011 a great year in Berks. The Birds: Fantastic! - Enjoyable: Sometimes! - Stressfull: Definately! - Am i going to do it all again in 2012? NO CHANCE!!!!! Bird of the year: Roseate Tern, well done Mike.01/01/2012
2K E Moore201Two I should have seen at the beginning of the year, Merlin and Hen Harrier.21/12/2011
=N Cleere201Ditto what Andy said, although my bird of the year was Leach's Petrel.01/01/2012
4R H Stansfield200Highs: Bearded Tits and Ospreys.13/12/2011
5A B Tomczynski199Well done Andy. Thanks to all finders for putting news out. Its been great fun, with some brilliant birds in 2011, and lasting memories. But don't mention Spoonbill or the 8th November to me! May be that Rough leg did come into Berks after all? Its also been enjoyable meeting up with all you birders at twitches. 01/01/2012
6P E Hutchins198Highs: finding Firecrest, Hawfinch, Caspian & Y-l. Gulls & R-c Pochard! Ibis, owls, egrets, grebes, petrel, kites, Bittern, gull roosts, sites. Lows: R-n. Grebe, Osprey, Ruddy Duck, Water Pipit, Purple Sand. ........ Latest: Glaucous Gull, Dark-bellied Brent and Snow Bunting.13/12/2011
7B T Bennett195 29/12/2011
8M F Walford194Highlights: The Big Three! Velvet Scoter, Barnacle Goose, Tree Sparrow, Mealy Redpoll, P-F Goose, Little Tern, Spoonbill, Roseate Tern, Knot, Grey Phal, Pec Sand, Bonxie, Manx Shear, Ferrug Duck. GG Shrike Latest: Snow Bunting (9/12)09/12/2011
=M J McKee19414/12/2011
=R Gilham194Congratulations Andy, what a superb record. Am really pleased to have reached 194 considering not starting until Feb. Bird of the year for me, finding Long-Eared Owls. Thank you Mike for your many reports of great birds at QMR. Wishing you all a great 2012...04/01/2012
11F J Cottington174A brilliant patch year list continues, my 7th Marsh Harrier, Ferruginous Duck, Merlin, Berks wise the QMR Manx Shearwater and now Purple Sandpiper and finally Beared Tit at Lea Farm GP, excellent! - DP year list 132/138.13/11/2011
12R J Godden144Highs: Roseate Tern, Quail, Long-eared & Barn Owls in same field of view.10/12/2011
13S A Graham143Alarm Clock Britain list; Latest Common Crossbill and Jack Snipe(27/12/11)27/12/2011
14I D Paine141High lights 3 county ticks in 2 hours and Tree Sparrow. Leach's Petrel Year, County and Life tick. Fudge Duck found while helping lead RSPB Walk23/12/2011
15R Collins13906/11/2011
16C Burch127Thanks to all for sharing the info and to people like Richard who let me use their scopes on more than 1 occasion. An enjoyable year. Highlights being the SEO and GG Shrike on Cowdown in Nov. UK Yearlist reached 191. Happy days. http://chriscountryfiles.blogspot.com/09/01/2012
17K Creed12217/12/2011
18B M Archer121Birds seen by me at Moor Green Lakes. Does not include Barnacle Goose and Snow Goose - But does include the occasional bird seen in Hants, which is within the Moor Green Lakes Recording Area.03/11/2011
19P Foulds9412/10/2011