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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023.

06/10/23Dartford WarblerRoden Downs1A B Merrick
North side of Ridgeway in small sparse Hawthorns just inside Berks. SU527823.  
08/03/23Dartford WarblerShinfield Meadows2N Rampton
m/f. Still present surprisingly after several days not being relocated, still in fenced off protected trees and bushes area next to the footpath. SU725676.  
24/02/23Dartford WarblerShinfield Meadows2N Rampton
m f. Feeding with Stonechat near Remix containers. SU726675.  
14/01/23Dartford WarblerSaltney Mead1M F Walford
Along the ditch between the larger tree and the Thames. Took a while to locate it but then showed very well, calling occasionally. Loosely associating with the pair of Stonechats.  
11/01/23Dartford WarblerSaltney Mead1M Winkworth
With the Stonechats again. This bird is very elusive and I have seen it on its own. It favours the ditch in the area of the small tree.  
05/01/23Dartford WarblerSaltney Mead1M Winkworth
Along the ditch.  
03/01/23Dartford WarblerSaltney Mead1M Winkworth
With the Stonechats.