The 2006 Berkshire Bird Race

15 May 2006 | Marek Walford


Results of the 2006 Berkshire Bird Race
Pos. Team Total
1.Fraser Cottington, Adam Bassett, Andy Johnson119
2.Marek Walford, Mike McKee, Chris Turner113
3.Hugh Netley, Nigel Rampton, Steve Ricks110
4.Paul Cropper, Sue Charnley, Robin Dryden107 *
5.Andy Horscroft, Roger Stansfield, Gordon Wilson106
6.Bruce Archer, Tim Ball, Robert Godden105
7.John Andrews, Pete Hickman, Andy Tomczynski102
8.John Lerpiniere, Ruth Angus, James Hitchcock101
9.Richard Crawford, Ken Moore, Ken Spring100
10.Cathy McEwan, Derek McEwan, Ashley Stow96
11.Chris Robinson, Jim Burnett, Renton Righelato95 **

* Miscounted on the day and actually recorded 109
** Entire rare conduced on bike

Fraser's team also recorded Barnacle Goose (counted in the 1990 record) and after the pub meeting recorded Long-eared Owl to match the 24 hour record.

The "bird of the day" was Raven, recorded by Hugh Netley's team.

Several teams totals include the escaped Peregrine.

Accounts of the day