Berks birders bird racing for Life For Liv

2nd October 2019 | Marek Walford

Two young Berks birders are bird racing this weekend to raise money for a very worthwhile cause. Please read Finley's words and consider sponsoring them.

This coming Sunday - 6th October - my friend Magnus and I are taking part in a nation-wide sponsored big day to raise money for Life for Liv. Olivia is the wife of well known British birder Gary Woodburn. She is critically ill with Ehler's Danlos Syndrome and they are trying to raise £100,000 to take her to Spain for life-saving treatment. Magnus and I will start the day at Dinton and then head over to Moor Green in the afternoon. If anyone wants to take part then email for information and a sponsorship pack, and if anyone would like to sponsor us then please let me know - Sponsorship is per species and I reckon we'll see around 50-60 species. Life for Liv can be found on Twitter (@LifeforLiv1), Facebook (@lifeforolivia) and Instagram (lifeforliv2020), and if you’d rather donate direct then there is a JustGiving page They are currently on £76,405 with only 10 days to reach the 100 grand goal!

Thanks, Finley