Security at QMR

7 May 2013 | Marek Walford

I thought it was worth highlighting the following email that Chris Heard posted to the Yahoo Group:

I arrived at QMR this morning to find that the birdwatchers gate had been left unlocked overnight (the crossbar had been closed but the chain was looped underneath it instead of around the gate columns). When this happened last year there was the possibility that a BOC member was not too blame, but now I believe that only birders have the key code.

This is a serious matter. The yacht-club could lose THOUSANDS of pounds worth of equipment. And bank holidays are the sort of time it happens (I think the lead from the pier roof was stolen on a Sunday/Bank holiday). When a generator was stolen recently the yacht-club were concerned that we may have left the gate unlocked - though I think we were blameless on that occasion but, describing events to Russell Ness, he recalled `our gate' being unlocked one morning this April.

I did check with the yacht-club later and nothing seemed to be amiss. But the BOC could lose its permit access if this keeps happening. I think the regulars are well aware of the issue but visitors, in particular - do not drive away until you have checked that the gate cannot be opened!