Berkshire Atlas - habitat photos

15 May 2013 | Renton Righelato

We will be using photos to illustrate the main habitats in the new edition of The Birds of Berkshire. Several people have given us some good shots of most habitats but we are missing the following:

Gravel workings showing LRP breeding habitat.

Oak woodland with coppice hazel understorey eg Coombe Wood

The urban environment showing rooftops to illustrate breeding habitat for Swift, Black Redstart, Peregrine. A panorama of the Reading skyline would also be useful.

Herring Gull and or Lesser Black backed Gulls nesting on town rooftops.

A panorama of the Berkshire countryside taken from a high point like Walbury Hill.

If you have good quality shots of any of these and would like to offer them for the Atlas, please send me copies ( Photos used will, of course, be acknowledged.