Change to bird recording area covered by Moor Green Lakes Group report

23 June 2011 | Colin Wilson

The bird recording area covered by the Moor Green Lakes Group Annual report has historically comprised a large area of approximately 3 square kilometres which has been loosely termed "Eversley Gravel Pits". This has been defined as the area south of Lower Sandhurst Road, west of Mill Lane, east of Longwater Road and north of the golf course access track and encompasses gravel pits in both Hants and Berks. This is a very large area to cover fully and a large proportion is outside the areas managed by the Moor Green Lakes Group committee. Therefore, it has been agreed by the Moor Green Lakes Group management committee that the bird recording area will change from 1st Jan 2012 to more closely reflect the area of influence of the Moor Green Lakes Group. The new recording area will comprise the Moor Green Lakes reserve (Colebrook Lake North, Colebrook Lake South and Grove Lake) plus the New Workings. This change should make it easier to monitor impacts of reserve management as counts of wintering/breeding birds in the Annual Report will relate directly to the managed reserve areas.

Relevant bird records for the new recording area can be submitted in the normal manner either via berksbirds website ( or directly to the MGL Bird Recorder. Records for areas formerly part of the Eversley GP recording area but now outside the new Moor Green Lakes recording area should no longer be submitted to the MGL Bird Recorder but can be submitted to the berksbirds website or the corresponding Hants website (at, or to the relevant County Recorder, according to the location.