Mobile Site

18 March 2011 | Marek Walford

Berksbirds has had a "mobile" version for years. It's very basic and written in WML. However, it's served its purpose as a means for me to update bird news while away from a PC. I'm not sure if anybody else has used it!

I recently discovered that WML websites can't be viewed on an IPhone. The web browser on an IPhone is very good and berksbirds does work on it. However, it's not designed for a small screen. To that end, I've created a "mobile" version specifically designed for mobile phones with small screens, slower internet access and fiddly controls.

It provides functionality that you may need in the field rather than duplicating the desktop version. The key features are view todays and previous days bird news and submit bird news.

The URL is You need to login to submit news but once you have you can bookmark the page to save you having to login again. I've tested this on a Blackberry Curve and an IPod Touch. I'm keen to receive any feedback as to how it performs on other phones as well any suggested improvements.