Birds of Berkshire Atlas photographers opportunity

24 April 2012 | Colin Wilson

Work continues apace on this and we thank those providing assistance. The Editorial team has decided to consider photographs of birds taken in Berkshire for inclusion in the Atlas. Berkshire rarities are especially welcome but common species particularly showing typical behaviour will be most welcome.

In the first instance send any images you would like to be considered to but at this stage, they must be low resolution images so as not to clog up email systems! Please name the image with brief bird name, date and place and your initials before you send it. The quality of the images will need to be broadly comparable to the images shown as winners in the BOC Annual Photographic Competition which you can see here and here.

The deadline for submission is 30 June but earlier would help. We regret the budget for the book (which is primarily aimed at raising money for conservation in Berkshire) does not run to payment but the photographers will all be credited appropriately for their work in the publication. Any queries please email Colin in the first instance.