Bird Race 2008 results

11 May 2008 (revised 4 June 2008) | Marek Walford

4th Jun: In a shock move the decision was made to declare the race a draw.

For the first time ever the Bird Race was a draw! My team, with Mike McKee and Paul Bright-thomas and Fraser's team, with Adam Bassett and Andy Johnson both recorded a very respectable 112. However, only one team would fit on the shield so it was decided it had to go to sudden death! The very, very harsh decision was made that the team that recorded their final bird first would be deemed the "winner". Much to our surprise we were declared the winner. Bird of the day was Great Black-backed Gull, recorded by Pete Hickman's team.


Results of the 2008 Berkshire Bird Race
Pos. Team Total
1.Marek Walford, Mike McKee, Paul Bright-Thomas112
2.Fraser Cottington, Adam Bassett, Andy Johnson112
3.Andy Horscroft, Andy Tomczynski, Roger Stansfield105
4.Bruce Archer, Robert Godden, Tim Ball101
 Paul Cropper, Robin Dryden, Sue Charnley101
5.Hugh Netley, Martin Hallam, Steve Ricks99
6.Richard Crawford, Ken Spring, Nigel Rampton98
 Cathy McEwan, Ashley Stow, Roy Rose98
7.Pete Hickman, James Hickman, John Andrews97
8.Renton Righelato, Mike Taylor, Phil Bysh93 *
9.Jan, Hilary, Mary Anne73 **

* Entire race conducted on bike
** Entire race conducted on foot