Peter Hutchins's 2013 list


Black-throated Diver21st January (07:25)Queen Mother Reservoir
Little Grebe1st January (08:18)Queen Mother Reservoir
Great Crested Grebe1st January (08:13)Queen Mother Reservoir
Slavonian Grebe1st January (08:43)Queen Mother Reservoir
Black-necked Grebe7th January (16:22)Horseshoe Lake
Cormorant1st January (07:49)Queen Mother Reservoir
Shag6th November (c.15:20)Queen Mother Reservoir
Bittern5th January (16:00)White Swan Lake
Little Egret*************
Grey Heron1st January (08:25)Queen Mother Reservoir
Mute Swan1st January (08:45)Queen Mother Reservoir
Whooper Swan18th February (10:45)Field Barn Farm, Beenham Hill
Pink-footed Goose25th February (14:12)Brick Kiln Copse area
White-fronted Goose25th January (14:06)Eton Wick
Greylag Goose6th January (07:21)New Workings
Canada Goose1st January (08:45)Queen Mother Reservoir
Egyptian Goose1st January (08:54)Queen Mother Reservoir
Shelduck9th January (15:56)Padworth Lane GP
Mandarin Duck6th January (07:44)New Workings
Wigeon1st January (08:31)Queen Mother Reservoir
Gadwall1st January (10:49)Wraysbury 2
Teal1st January (15:16)Eton Wick
Mallard1st January (08:45)Queen Mother Reservoir
Pintail23rd January (16:26)Lower Farm Trout Lake
Garganey26th March (17:07)Streatley
Shoveler1st January (16:19)Hosehill Lake L.N.R.
Red-crested Pochard1st January (16:20)Hosehill Lake L.N.R.
Pochard1st January (10:36)Queen Mother Reservoir
Tufted Duck1st January (08:05)Queen Mother Reservoir
Scaup25th January (16:43)Rowney Lake
Long-tailed Duck3rd January (16:26)Queen Mother Reservoir
Common Scoter3rd July (18:35)Main Pit, Theale
Goldeneye1st January (08:35)Queen Mother Reservoir
Smew9th January (16:12)Bottom Lane GP's
Goosander1st January (11:56)Heron Lake
Red Kite1st January (08:49)Queen Mother Reservoir
Marsh Harrier27th March (16:51)New Workings, Moor Green Lakes
Montagu's Harrier*************
Sparrowhawk7th January (09:53)Peckmoor Copse
Buzzard1st January (16:06)A33 (south of M4 J11)
Kestrel1st January (12:10)Horton
Merlin10th January (14:25)Englefield
Hobby2nd May (17:20)Woolhampton GP's
Red-legged Partridge2nd January (15:10)Summertown's Down
Grey Partridge9th January (16:02)Englefield
Pheasant2nd January (11:06)East End Farm, Woodlands St. Mary
Water Rail1st January (12:54)Dorney Wetlands
Moorhen1st January (09:10)Queen Mother Reservoir
Coot1st January (08:35)Queen Mother Reservoir
Oystercatcher2nd February (12:37)Main Pit, Theale
Avocet9th March (15:15)Milehouse Cottages floods
Little Ringed Plover*************
Ringed Plover4th March (17:42)Greenham Common
Dotterel27th April (09:04)Bury Down
Golden Plover12th February (14:46)Lowbury Hill
Lapwing1st January (14:52)Eton Wick
Sanderling22nd January (17:14)Queen Mother Reservoir
Pectoral Sandpiper4th August (09:58)Eton Wick
Curlew Sandpiper7th September (11:31)Queen Mother Reservoir
Dunlin25th January (14:06)Eton Wick
Ruff24th January (16:20)Lea Farm GP
Jack Snipe17th February (14:27)Lavell's Lake LNR
Snipe1st January (13:00)Dorney Wetlands
Woodcock21st February (15:58)Paices Wood CP
Black-tailed Godwit11th April (15:50)Eton Wick
Whimbrel3rd May (15:36)Queen Mother Reservoir
Curlew23rd May (15:08)Wellbottom Down
Redshank25th March (17:23)Padworth Lane Floods
Greenshank7th May (12:30)Lavell's Lake LNR
Green Sandpiper10th January (08:53)Queen Mother Reservoir
Wood Sandpiper20th July (17:58)New Workings
Common Sandpiper12th April (15:08)Main Pit, Theale
Turnstone3rd August (18:50)Queen Mother Reservoir
Mediterranean Gull*************
Little Gull25th March (16:20)Main Pit, Theale
Bonaparte's Gull26th April (17:17)Hosehill Lake LNR
Black-headed Gull1st January (07:33)Jubilee River
Common Gull1st January (08:12)Queen Mother Reservoir
Lesser Black-backed Gull1st January (07:33)Jubilee River
Herring Gull1st January (10:04)Queen Mother Reservoir
Caspian Gull4th February (15:53)Lower Farm GP
Yellow-legged Gull26th January (15:42)New Workings
Great Black-backed Gull28th December (15:08)Queen Mother Reservoir
Common Tern19th April (07:55)Rowney Lake
Arctic Tern19th April (15:12)Main Pit, Theale
Black Tern8th May (15:11)Main Pit, Theale
Feral Pigeon1st January (09:54)Queen Mother Reservoir
Stock Dove4th January (10:06)Furze Hill
Woodpigeon1st January (08:04)Queen Mother Reservoir
Collared Dove1st January (14:04)Eton Wick
Turtle Dove*************
Ring-necked Parakeet1st January (07:32)Slough S.F.
Cuckoo19th April (07:29)Rowney Lake
Barn Owl*************
Little Owl3rd January (16:32)Queen Mother Reservoir
Tawny Owl2nd January (05:48)Halfway
Long-eared Owl*************
Short-eared Owl*************
Nightjar7th June (21:34)Bishop's Green area
Swift27th April (10:28)Queen Mother Reservoir
Kingfisher1st January (15:04)Eton Wick
Green Woodpecker1st January (08:26)Queen Mother Reservoir
Great Spotted Woodpecker1st January (10:44)Wraysbury
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker*************
Skylark2nd January (16:40)Eastbury Down
Sand Martin10th April (16:40)Rowney Lake
Swallow10th April (17:04)Rowney Lake
House Martin14th April (12:00)Greenham Common
Tree Pipit4th May (15:59)Wishmoor Bottom
Meadow Pipit1st January (07:57)Queen Mother Reservoir
Rock Pipit7th March (16:25)Queen Mother Reservoir
Buff-bellied Pipit10th January (12:45)Queen Mother Reservoir
Water Pipit9th April (c.16:15)Queen Mother Reservoir
Yellow Wagtail19th April (11:32)Bolack Swan Lake, Dinton Pastures CP
Grey Wagtail1st January (13:57)Eton Wick
Pied Wagtail1st January (07:42)Queen Mother Reservoir
Waxwing1st January (12:49)Dorney Wetlands
Wren1st January (09:07)Queen Mother Reservoir
Dunnock1st January (08:32)Queen Mother Reservoir
Robin1st January (07:42)Queen Mother Reservoir
Nightingale14th April (10:28)Greenham Common
Redstart16th April (18:28)Lower Farm GP
Whinchat26th April (15:34)Burnthouse Lane GP's
Stonechat26th January (15:23)New Workings
Wheatear6th April (14:22)Combe Gibbet
Ring Ouzel6th April (14:38)Combe Gibbet
Blackbird1st January (07:03)A4 (west of Theale)
Fieldfare1st January (13:23)Dorney Wetlands
Song Thrush1st January (07:43)Queen Mother Reservoir
Redwing1st January (08:23)Queen Mother Reservoir
Mistle Thrush1st January (09:41)Queen Mother Reservoir
Cetti's Warbler1st January (13:29)Eton Wick
Grasshopper Warbler4th May (14:21)Long Island, Colebrook Lake
Sedge Warbler19th April (07:51)Rowney Lake
Reed Warbler19th April (08:09)Rowney Lake
Dartford Warbler*************
Lesser Whitethroat19th April (07:53)Rowney Lake
Whitethroat19th April (07:18)Woolhampton
Garden Warbler22nd April (15:46)Main Pit, Theale
Blackcap12th April (15:18)Theale Lakes Business Park
Pallas's Warbler7th January (15:17)New Workings area
Yellow-browed Warbler17th October (11:52)Dinton Pastures C.P.
Chiffchaff1st January (13:35)Eton Wick
Willow Warbler12th April (15:23)Main Pit, Theale
Goldcrest1st January (10:40)Wraysbury Station Pit
Spotted Flycatcher18th May (17:07)Swallowfield Church
Pied Flycatcher19th April (11:20)Black Swan Lake, Dinton Pastures CP
Long-tailed Tit1st January (10:56)Wraysbury 2
Marsh Tit2nd January (15:08)Summerton's Down
Willow Tit*************
Coal Tit8th Januay (09:27)Aldernbridge Gully
Blue Tit1st January (07:44)Queen Mother Reservoir
Great Tit1st January (08:24)Queen Mother Reservoir
Nuthatch1st January (10:39)Wraysbury Station Pit
Treecreeper1st January (10:37)Wraysbury Station Pit
Red-backed Shrike21st September (c.19:05)Greenham Common
Jay1st January (08:35)Queen Mother Reservoir
Magpie1st January (07:35)M4 (east of Slough S.F.)
Jackdaw1st January (07:36)M4 (west of Queen Mother Reservoir)
Rook1st January (13:35)Eton Wick
Carrion Crow1st January (07:33)M4
Raven2nd January (14:09)Combe
Starling1st January (09:54)Queen Mother Reservoir
House Sparrow1st January (10:32)Horton
Chaffinch1st January (10:30)Horton
Brambling30th January (14:58)Black Hill, Bracknell
Greenfinch1st January (09:05)Queen Mother Reservoir
Goldfinch1st January (15:12)Eton Wick
Siskin1st January (11:24)Hythe Lagoon
Linnet1st January (12:25)Queen Mother Reservoir
Lesser Redpoll1st January (15:15)Eton Wick
Common Crossbill3rd March (08:35)Swinley Forest
Bullfinch1st January (14:19)Eton Wick
Yellowhammer2nd January (15:31)Combe
Reed Bunting1st January (13:13)Dorney Wetlands
Corn Bunting11th January (15:48)Sheep Down