2020 day year list rankings

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1H R Netley495 lockdown ticks: Hobby, House martin, Cormorant, Tree creeper and Mute swan03/05/2020
2P Bright-Thomas46Biggest surprise was a 1s Mediterranean Gull heading high SW, first from garden. Two garden year-ticks (Common Tern, Egyptian Goose) and first Dunlin heard live (also recorded last week). No shows: Green Woodpecker, Mistle Thrush, Rook04/05/2020
2=F Hutchinson46 04/05/2020
3A B Tomczynski433 Lockdown ticks : Hobby, Whitethroat, House Sparrow. After 32 consecutive days of recording a daily list during the Lockdown, this is the first day where I exceeded a count over 40!04/05/2020
4M F Walford342 garden ticks - Kestrel & Sand Martin04/05/2020
5A E D Hickman30Last bird was great tit at 19:32. Best was probably the sparrowhawk that flew through the garden at lightning speed really low and flipping over the fences with ease. Got two garden ticks which was a bonus: Song Thrush and Herring gull.04/05/2020
6B Lyle2819 on dawn chorus03/05/2020
7P J Newbound18 03/05/2020