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23/01/22Barn OwlBinfield1D A MacKenzie Dodds
Looking pretty perky at the entrance to its roost at this time in good light. Cant be 100% certain of course, but this individual *appears* to be male. Certainly has a less marked chest than the other bird we often see it with.  
22/01/22Barn OwlBinfield2D A MacKenzie Dodds
First bird returned to its roost at this time after quartering in its field for 10 minutes or so. Second bird returned to its (separate but nearby) roost at around 07:40 in reasonable light.  
17/01/22Barn OwlNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1R F Milligan
At the entrance to the box. Please only view from the public footpath.  
16/01/22Barn OwlColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1P Bright-Thomas
Flew along N side of CLN then over open area at E end.  
10/01/22Barn OwlSulhamstead Abbots1P Hickman
Flew into woodland at Sulhamstead Road.  
10/01/22Barn OwlKeep Hatch, Wokingham1D A MacKenzie Dodds
A "new" barn owl found this morning. Couldn't see it with my naked eyes. Pitch black so I needed a thermal camera to see it - hunting in a field with roe deer, some rabbits and a heron! Brief youtube video: SU834696.  
04/01/22Barn OwlTemple1S Akkaraju
01/01/22Barn OwlBinfield2D A MacKenzie Dodds
Seemed to be paired up. Certainly interacting with each other. Roosted separately at this approximate time. Barn owl becomes the (excellent!) first species of my eldest boy's year list.