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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021.

10/05/21Hooded CrowLea Farm Lake1F J Cottington
Flew back in and landed on boundary post, then dropped to waters edge, then quickly off West over hide, it didn't do this yesterday it always flew off East. short video here  
09/05/21Hooded CrowLea Farm Lake1P Bright-Thomas
Appeared on SE shore of lake, but very soon harassed by other crows and flew out of sight into SE arm of Lea Farm Lake. Photos.  
09/05/21Hooded CrowLea Farm Lake1R Addison
At lea farm gp 15:00 on landfill site viewed from a gap in the hedge. Currently sat in trees at the back right (south side) of the pit.  
09/05/21Hooded CrowHurst1R C Watts
Seen with Ken Moore at Dunt Avenue in with other birds flew off at 13:50. Thanks Ken.  
09/05/21Hooded CrowLea Farm Lake1M F Walford
ad. Now on the landfill. Might be viewable through gaps in the hedge. Access to the hide is via a booking system only.  
09/05/21Hooded CrowHurst1M F Walford
ad. Has apparently flown west towards Dinton. Lea Farm is being watched for the next hour at least.  
09/05/21Hooded CrowHurst1M F Walford
ad. Again from Lines Road (per Peter Hutchins).  
09/05/21Hooded CrowLea Farm Lake1F Hutchinson
Briefly again on landfill before flying low S and lost to view behind trees.  
09/05/21Hooded CrowHurst1M F Walford
ad. Again viewed from Lines Road.  
09/05/21Hooded CrowHurst1A B Merrick
Seen briefly flying and in Oak at grid from Lines Rd but flown off unseen. SU791721.  
09/05/21Hooded CrowLea Farm Lake1T A Guyatt
ad. At 06:45 I picked up an apparent adult feeding on the landfill. Possibly has some hybrid blood but looked near perfect. Fraser Cottington has some pictures which he will post asap.It flew off SE at 06:55. With further study we were able to see it was pure bred.