DEAD SWANS Sadly 4 dead Swans were found at Hosehill recently. BBOWT and DEFRA have been advised due to the current national outbreak of Avian flu strain H5N1. This strain can be contracted by humans so if you come across dead birds don't touch them! Any sightings of multiple dead wild birds should be reported to DEFRA on 03459 335577.

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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021.

20/11/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs20N J Bucknell
15 over triangular field by junction of Ridgeway & track to E Ilsley at 14-50, 5 in large flock of Chaffinches and Yellowhammers south of Ridgeway at 15-10.  
13/11/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)5N J Bucknell
by concrete road.  
13/11/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs7N J Bucknell
in large mixed Chaffinch, bunting and pipit flock south of Ridgeway.  
07/11/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)16N J Bucknell
on field east of old railway line.  
06/11/21Corn BuntingCow Down, West Ilsley6G Sumner
02/11/21Corn BuntingCow Down, West Ilsley40A B Tomczynski
30/10/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)31N J Bucknell
singles west of old railway line and Lower Chance, 29 in flock on overhead line across field south of concrete road.  
30/10/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs4N J Bucknell
03/10/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs6N J Bucknell
on overgrown triangular field by junction of Ridgeway and track to East Ilsley.  
25/09/21Corn BuntingStreatley2N J Bucknell
on hedge along county boundary at Streatley Farm.  
25/09/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs7N J Bucknell
two on overgrown triangular field at junction of Ridgeway & track to East Ilsley 10-35, 5 by Ridgeway, Compton Gallops 10-55.  
19/09/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs15N J Bucknell
on overgrown triangular field NW of junction between Ridgeway and track to East Ilsley.  
11/09/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs20N J Bucknell
on overgrown field NW of junction between Ridgeway and track to East Ilsley - some juveniles among them.  
04/09/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs25N J Bucknell
on overgrown field NW of junction of Rdigeway/track to East Ilsley.  
02/09/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs54A B Tomczynski
30/08/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs25N J Bucknell
on overgrown small triangular field NW of junction of Ridgeway and track to East Ilsley.  
29/08/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs40N J Bucknell
including flock of 30 in small triagular field, currently overgrown, NW of junction between Ridgeway and track to East Ilsley.  
04/08/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs15N J Bucknell
singing this evening.  
31/07/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)14N J Bucknell
31/07/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs11N J Bucknell
31/07/21Corn BuntingRoden Downs10N J Bucknell
small flock of 8 south of Ridgeway near junction with Fair Mile at 15-20, 2 further east.  
24/07/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)17N J Bucknell
24/07/21Corn BuntingRoden Downs3N J Bucknell
24/07/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs18N J Bucknell
17/07/21Corn BuntingParkfarm Down, Upper Lambourn10P Bright-Thomas
At least 6 singing males.  
04/07/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)14N J Bucknell
04/07/21Corn BuntingRoden Downs2N J Bucknell
singing birds.  
04/07/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs10N J Bucknell
26/06/21Corn BuntingLowbury Hill3N J Bucknell
on Berks side, also a Meadow Pipit on Oxon side - none this summer at Compton Down.  
26/06/21Corn BuntingBerkshire Downs at Aldworth1N J Bucknell
singing at Warren Farm.  
24/06/21Corn BuntingLambourn Downs20D Sussex
not counted but plenty of them singing and carrying nesting material.  
19/06/21Corn BuntingBury Down8N J Bucknell
singing males between car park and Cow Down.  
19/06/21Corn BuntingFarnborough2N J Bucknell
by road between village and Saddleback farm shop.  
30/05/21Corn BuntingCompton1N J Bucknell
by track to Churn Road north of village.  
30/05/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)10N J Bucknell
26/05/21Corn BuntingLowbury Hill1A Taylor
Singing from bushes just in Berkshire SE of Lowbury Hill. SU542820.  
22/05/21Corn BuntingWellbottom Down3N J Bucknell
singing birds.  
17/05/21Corn BuntingLeckhampstead1D Sussex
m. singing on wires over a beetle bank.  
15/05/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs9N J Bucknell
including 8 singing males.  
12/05/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs4R Righelato
m. Singing between Compton and the Ridgeway. More were singing on the same route two weeks ago.  
09/05/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)47N J Bucknell
in flock feeding on cleared game strip east of old university out station.  
01/05/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs8N J Bucknell
18/04/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)18N J Bucknell
17/04/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs65N J Bucknell
mostly in flocks along the Ridgeway.  
11/04/21Corn BuntingFarringdon Road Down, Lambourn60A B Tomczynski
minimum count. SU337831.  
11/04/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)37N J Bucknell
36 in flock east of old university outstation, 1 by concrete road.  
11/04/21Corn BuntingRoden Downs4N J Bucknell
by Ridgeway.  
11/04/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs15N J Bucknell
04/04/21Corn BuntingBerkshire Downs at Aldworth3N J Bucknell
by Ridgeway at Warren Farm.  
02/04/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)22N J Bucknell
including flock of 18 east of old university outstation.  
02/04/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs12N J Bucknell
singing birds.  
28/03/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)13N J Bucknell
28/03/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs17N J Bucknell
including flock of 14 near junction of Ridgeway and track to East Ilsley.  
28/03/21Corn BuntingWest Ilsley14N J Bucknell
flock of 12 near Bury Down East car park and two more singing northeast of village.  
27/02/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)48N J Bucknell
3 west of old railway line, over track from Ridgeway to Churn, 5 by old railway line, near Ridgeway bridge, 40 flying over eastern part of triangular field east of old railway, near old university outstation.  
27/02/21Corn BuntingRoden Downs12N J Bucknell
in bushes by Ridgeway.  
27/02/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs12N J Bucknell
2 by track to Churn, 10 by track to Churn Road, Compton.  
18/02/21Corn BuntingBury Down1D Reynolds
23/01/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)48N J Bucknell
8 left on bushes along old railway line after 32 flew into Berks across Ridgeway and another c40 in mobile mixed flock of Fieldfares, Redwings, Starlings, Linnets and Meadow Pipits on triangular field to the east.  
23/01/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs60N J Bucknell
28 mostly along/to the south side of the Ridgeway. 32 flew from bushes alongside old railway at Churn over Ridgeway at 15:30.  
16/01/21Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)6N J Bucknell
in bushes east of old university outstation.  
16/01/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs6N J Bucknell
by Ridgeway.  
02/01/21Corn BuntingLowbury Hill1N J Bucknell
singing, on fence along county boundary.  
02/01/21Corn BuntingRoden Downs2N J Bucknell
by Ridgeway, also 80 in two flocks by Fair Mile, Aston Upthorpe, Oxon.  
02/01/21Corn BuntingCompton Downs57N J Bucknell
mostly in the cover crop north of the Ridgeway.