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08/09/21Blue TitCaversham2R C Watts
06/07/21Blue TitLower Earley9D J Mills
2ad + 7juv. as before.  
05/07/21Blue TitLower Earley4D J Mills
1 ad, 3 juv. New young brood on fat/seeds/peanuts feeding&being fed by adult. Previous brood still regular visitors too .  
26/06/21Blue TitFarley Hill14K G White
Mixed flock of adults and juvs in overgrown hedgerows. Nice to see juveniles at last. SU742636.  
26/06/21Blue TitNewbury BT Exchange5K G White
Family group including juveniles in Sainsbury's car park trees. SU473669.  
12/05/21Blue TitOckwells Park, Cox Green5B D Clews
29/04/21Blue TitOckwells Park, Cox Green7B D Clews
23/06/21Blue TitOckwells Park, Cox Green21B D Clews
incl several juvs.  
07/06/21Blue TitCaversham2R C Watts
Adult feeding a chick 🐥.on feeder. SU721756.  
07/06/21Blue TitNorth Ascot5S D Abbott
2ad/3juv. In tree in front garden - look to be the family from the next door neighbours roof...  
06/06/21Blue TitNorth Ascot4S D Abbott
2ad/2juv. First youngsters in garden this year - doesn't look like the pair nesting next door (who seemed to have failed in their breeding attempts this year).  
06/06/21Blue TitLower Earley6D J Mills
juvs. All together sampling all foods in feeding area - seeds/Fat/ Peanuts . The adults have been regular visitors.  
29/05/21Blue TitBracknellD A MacKenzie Dodds
Long story short. Our 10 egg nest lost 9 of its hatchlings in the 1st week due to absence of adult male and dreadful weather. Adult Male unbelievably returned when the last remaining nestling was 11 days old. Fed it lots of caterpillars for 4 days. Looked vigorous last night. But we think it choked on lots of fresh nesting material brought in by female and then suffocated last night. Just a wee corpse this morning and 2 confused parents. Not joyful viewing this year!  
25/05/21Blue TitGreen Park50B D Clews
..or so, among some 60 nest boxes checked, with others hosting Great Tits, but most broods fairly small (3 or 5 typically).  
23/05/21Blue TitWhiteknights Park, Reading2S Lynch
ad pair. Feeding young in natural nest hole in yew tree.  
22/05/21Blue TitBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
Just one 8-days-old nestling left in the camera box tonight. What a dreadful week.  
22/05/21Blue TitMay's Farm, Three Mile Cross1R Holder
21/05/21Blue TitBracknell2D A MacKenzie Dodds
A week ago ten eggs hatched in our camera box. Since then, a combination of errr... Mediterranean weather and an absent adult male has meant we've seen 8 of the 10 starve and be removed from the nest. We're down to 2 now. Not sure if they'll last the weekend.  
16/05/21Blue TitBracknell6D A MacKenzie Dodds
Wow. I knew the brood was up against it but I hoped it would be better than this. Lost 4 hatchlings today. On only their second full day out of the egg. Only the adult female is feeding them despite the Male (we think) being in the area. Dreadful weather. Taking a terrible toll already. At this rate one or two eventual successful fledglings will be a massive success.  
15/05/21Blue TitBracknell10D A MacKenzie Dodds
9th egg hatched at 0220am & 10th and final egg hatched at 09:30am. Up against it...this brood. Adult female (and nest now) covered in Proctophyllodes stylifer. Adult male seemingly uninterested in helping much at all with parental care (yet). Chronic poor weather. Magpies already checking out the nest. Fledging day (if they get very lucky) perhaps 1st June.  
14/05/21Blue TitBracknell8D A MacKenzie Dodds
Looks like it's hatching day today in our camera nest box. Exactly 14 days after proper incubation started. The count on this entry may change today. Ten eggs were laid in total.  
05/05/21Blue TitLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP2S D Abbott
In nest box by hide - adults flying between scrape reedbed and nest box to feed young. Nice to see.  
30/04/21Blue TitBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
10th egg at this time today .  
29/04/21Blue TitBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
9th egg laid at this time this morning in our camera box. .  
27/04/21Blue TitBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
7th egg etc etc...  
26/04/21Blue TitBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
6th egg laid at this time in our camera box.  
25/04/21Blue TitTwyford GPs1P D Hadfield
many in trees.  
25/04/21Blue TitBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
5th egg laid at this time in our camera box this morning. We're running a book here. How many eggs will she lay in total?  
24/04/21Blue TitMain Pit, Theale GPs2R Holder
24/04/21Blue TitBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
4th egg laid in the camera box at this time this morning (all recorded on DVR via motion-activated camera).  
23/04/21Blue TitBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
3rd egg laid at this time this morning in our camera box.  
22/04/21Blue TitBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
2nd egg laid in the camera box at this time this morning..... A six o'clock "drop-off" seems to be the routine at present.  
21/04/21Blue TitBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
1st egg laid in our camera box at this exact time this morning. Video link:  
11/02/21Blue TitClayfield Copse, Caversham1R C Watts
10/02/21Blue TitCabbage Hill, Newell Green2M Green
03/02/21Blue TitHigh Wood, Earley20D Tainton
31/01/21Blue TitSouth Lake, South Hill Park, Bracknell4J E Warren
BGB count. SU870666.  
30/01/21Blue TitCaversham3J J Kearns
On garden feeders.  
09/01/21Blue TitFobney Meadow1R Holder