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28/06/21SpoonbillLea Farm Lake1R C Watts
From hide.  
28/06/21SpoonbillLea Farm Lake1M F Walford
Still present.  
28/06/21SpoonbillLea Farm Lake1M F Walford
Preening on the north spit island (per Lavell's WhatsApp). Access to the hide is resticted to LWT members and LWT have a covid policy in place).  
14/05/21SpoonbillWinter Hill, Cookham Dean5A B Merrick
Group took off from Little Marlow GP c10:00, circled lake and eventually flew SW along line of Thames but inside Bucks. When west of large lake at Westhorpe started heading north but then about-turned and headed south, crossing Thames into Berks c10:05. Viewing from Winter Hill with one other observer (A. Padmore).