DEAD SWANS Sadly 4 dead Swans were found at Hosehill recently. BBOWT and DEFRA have been advised due to the current national outbreak of Avian flu strain H5N1. This strain can be contracted by humans so if you come across dead birds don't touch them! Any sightings of multiple dead wild birds should be reported to DEFRA on 03459 335577.

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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021.

28/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. In with usual ‘farmies’,GreyLags and Canada’s in fields s.of the Pit and the Kennet.  
26/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. In with usual GreyLags,the two ‘White farmies ‘ and 24 Canada Geese now added.  
22/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. Flew onto Main Pit from meadows S.of Kennet.  
19/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. In field s.of River Kennet, s.ofPLGP with usual Goose flock Including the two ‘farmies’.  
14/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. With a now increased flock GreyLags to perhaps 110 birds Plus the 2 mainly white ‘farmies’.  
07/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane floods1K E Moore
ad. Still with original GreyLag flock, if anything flock has increased, and the leucistic GreyLag and the two white farmies.  
06/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane floods1A B Merrick
ad. With Greylags on 2nd field viewable from canal bridge.  
05/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane floods1T A Guyatt
apparently ad. Seen feeding in the 2nd field E from the road on the usual flock of about 60 Greylags with two all white 'farmies'.  
04/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane floods1K E Moore
ad. Mixed in with usual Greylags and the two white ‘farmies’in Second field. Seen until 1530 when I left the area.  
03/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. With the usual Greylags flock on the Pit.Approx 15 minutes later,as I was getting back into my car,the whole flock took off,flew over my head as they flew East , I thought onto the Floods. I checked out the floods and they were not there.  
01/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. In with usual GreyLag flock seemingly quite settled on the water.  
01/11/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane floods1C McEwan
In flock of Greylags. Flock mobile within the field and back and forwards to Padworth Lane GP. Seen with KS. SU6167.  
31/10/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane floods1K E Moore
ad. The goose flock is back on floods with the Pink-foot.  
26/10/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane floods1K E Moore
ad. On floods with usual flock of Greylags and the 2 white farmies.Disturbed by small helicopter going up and down the Kennet,flock moved at1540 to Padworth Lane GP.  
25/10/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1R Keel
In with Greylags. With MJD. SU609673.  
25/10/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1A E Hickman
Still present with the Greylag flock.  
24/10/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1R C Watts
With Greylags and two white birds. Thanks for the info Roger.👍.  
24/10/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1R H Stansfield
Still showing well on the lake.  
24/10/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane floods1A B Merrick
ad. grazing in stubble field with Greylags. SU613676.  
23/10/21Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
In with 100 plus GreyLags and two white ‘farmies’,saw them all fly in from W(the floods) and land on water.