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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021.

21/12/21Mute SwanDatchet1K P Duncan
Fitted with a BTO Metal Ring No.W39327 Female ringed aged as 2nd year on 25th January 2015 at Alperton, GREATER LONDON by PJBelman. 2522 days since ringing. 21km/WSW from ringing site. Previous sightings on 04/01/2020 and 15/11/2020 also on River Thames at Datchet.  
17/12/21Mute SwanDatchet Common GP1A E Hickman
Yesterday 16/12/21. Immature found dead in the water during bird survey. LIKELY TO BE AVIAN FLU VICTIM. Collected by 'Swan Support' charity which luckily are based in Datchet so were able to respond very quickly. Will be sent off for analysis by DEFRA.  
20/08/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs13K P Duncan
30/11/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1A E Hickman
POSSIBLE AVIAN FLU. What looks like a sickly immature bird is currently on the main footpath opposite the Fox and Hounds pub car park. As it may be infected with Avian Flu, DEFRA have been informed. Autopsy results from three swans collected by DEFRA last Thursday have yet to come back. Please do not touch it or go near it. Another immature on the lake also looks like it may be sick as well as an adult. BBOWT have also been informed.  
26/11/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs4A B Merrick
Negative news
All dead in the margins. 3 along south bank between Sand Martin bank and island and 1 SW corner of island.  
25/11/21Mute SwanWindsor Promenade231D Fuller
ad bar 5 cygnets. lower than normal but others probably feeding in fields OTHERS 3 adult winter Common Gulls. SU965772.  
17/11/21Mute SwanMoatlands GP, Theale GPs11A E Hickman
14/11/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs63K P Duncan
06/11/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs43S A Graham
14/10/21Mute SwanWindsor Promenade245D Fuller
mainly ad but 21 cygnets. a fairly low count for this site. SU965772.  
07/10/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs57K P Duncan
06/10/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs59K P Duncan
19/09/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs37K P Duncan
18/09/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs24S A Graham
17/09/21Mute SwanWindsor Promenade274D Fuller
all ad except for 7 cygnets. a low count for this site. SU965771.  
13/09/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs33K P Duncan
06/09/21Mute SwanWhiteknights Lake, Reading9P Gipson
Pr + 5 juvs + intruding pair. Latter arrived 27th August. Remarkably, the intruding pair were only about 20 metres from the family party and the parents made no attempt to drive them away, having tolerated them on the lake for over a week.  
06/08/21Mute SwanPurley on Thames, Reading2A Taylor
1 adult, 1 juvenile. On lake west of Purley Hall. Only one cygnet seen on several visits since nest was vacated.  
27/07/21Mute SwanPromenade River Thames Windsor304D Fuller
all ad apart from 3 cygnets. very few young. SU965772.  
17/07/21Mute SwanMill Pond, Bracknell7J E Warren
2 adults with 5 cygnets. SU857682.  
03/07/21Mute SwanLower Farm GP1N Cleere
pair with 4 small cygnets. I suspect the first nesting attempt was a failure.  
24/06/21Mute SwanBagnor4B Lyle
1 ad 3 cygnets. opp. Blackbird PH.  
24/06/21Mute SwanWindsor Promenade386D Fuller
maily ad. only 5 cygnets seen a record count for me at this site. SU965771.  
22/06/21Mute SwanRowneys Predator Lake, Woolhampton GPs6K G White
2 ad plus 4 cygnets. SU567661.  
07/06/21Mute SwanWindsor2H R Lawrence
babies. SU958773.  
30/05/21Mute SwanPurley on Thames, Reading3A Taylor
2 adult, 1 cygnet. On lake just west of Purley Hall.  
31/05/21Mute SwanEton Wick6K P Duncan
BREEDING pair No.2 have hatched four cygnets along the Roundmoor Ditch.  
29/05/21Mute SwanPrince of Wales Pond, Windsor Great Park4K P Duncan
BREEDING pair with two cygnets.  
27/05/21Mute SwanMill Pond, Bracknell8K P Duncan
BREEDING pair with six cygnets.  
25/05/21Mute SwanBoulters Lock, R. Thames, Maidenhead8R C Watts
m/f. With six cygnets 🦢.  
25/05/21Mute SwanGreen Park19B D Clews
2 family groups with 7 and 8 cygnets respectively.  
17/05/21Mute SwanRowneys Predator Lake, Woolhampton GPs3A Taylor
1 adult, 2 very small cygnets. On nest in reeds on main spit. Only two cygnets just visible, but maybe others concealed about the adult.  
16/05/21Mute SwanDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1K P Duncan
female. Fitted with a BTO Metal Ring No.W42662 Ringed aged as at least 2 years on 20th February 2017 on the River Thames at Windsor, BERKSHIRE by the Edward Grey Institute. 1546 days since ringing. 4km/WNW from ringing site. Previous sighting on 03/02/2018 on Jubilee River (BUCKS) and at Dorney Wetlands on 28/03/2020.  
16/05/21Mute SwanDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1K P Duncan
male. fitted with a BTO Metal Ring No.W26586 Ringed aged as definitely hatched during 2010 on 22nd July 2010 on the River Thames at Mapledurham Lock, OXFORDSHIRE by the Edward Grey Institute. 3951 days since ringing. 27km/E from ringing site. Previous sightings on 03/02/2018 and 11/03/2020 on the Jubilee River (BUCKS). Paired with ringed female W42662 and they have nine cygnets.  
16/05/21Mute SwanDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River11K P Duncan
BREEDING pair No.1 with nine cygnets. Both parents ringed (details supplied separately).  
11/05/21Mute SwanEton Wick9K P Duncan
BREEDING pair have hatched seven cygnets on flood just off Roundmoor Ditch.  
09/05/21Mute SwanWhiteknights Lake, Reading3P Gipson
First of 12 eggs hatched this afternoon between 17.00 and 18.00.  
07/05/21Mute SwanWigmore Lane GP, Theale GPs3J Lerpiniere
One on nest. SU6370.  
06/05/21Mute SwanRowneys Predator Lake, Woolhampton GPs1A Taylor
Sitting on nest on spit at south-west corner of lake.  
05/05/21Mute SwanPurley on Thames, Reading2A Taylor
On lake just west of Purley Hall, one on large nest by barrier across canal section.  
01/05/21Mute SwanMoor Green Lakes11M Green
Breeding pair with 9 cygnets.  
29/04/21Mute SwanWindsor promenade308D Fuller
mainly ad but some of last years juv. a good count for this site so must have recovered from the flu virus. Also 149 Canada Goose, 5 Egyptian Goose and 2 Greylag Goose. SU965774.  
29/04/21Mute SwanColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes11K P Duncan
BREEDING pair with nine cygnets.  
28/04/21Mute SwanMoor Green Lakes10R J Godden
Adult with 9 cygnets in front of hide.  
26/04/21Mute SwanSouthcote Meadows2S Wearing
pair. Building a nest next to Holy Brook.  
25/04/21Mute SwanTwyford GPs1P D Hadfield
23/04/21Mute SwanNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh13G Stewart
Numbers of swans present have ranged from 11 to 18 over the last five weeks or so.  
20/04/21Mute SwanDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1K P Duncan
Fitted with a BTO Metal Ring No.W42686 Ringed as definitely hatched during 2017 on 23rd July 2017 on the River Thames at Marlow, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE by the Edward Grey Institute. 1367 days since ringing. 11km/SE from ringing site.  
20/04/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs18R Holder
16/04/21Mute SwanWoose Hill2P Bright-Thomas
SE over garden.  
13/04/21Mute SwanPadworth Lane GP40K E Moore
07/04/21Mute SwanAldermaston2A E Hickman
Adult on nest next to river amongst extensive bankside willow scrub. Second bird on river nearby.  
06/04/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs31K P Duncan
04/04/21Mute SwanWoose Hill1P Bright-Thomas
Low N over garden.  
04/04/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs20R Hanson
15/03/21Mute SwanHosehill Lake, Theale GPs31K P Duncan
02/04/21Mute SwanDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River33K P Duncan
02/04/21Mute SwanLittle John's Farm, Reading1S A Graham
Cow lane: nesting in ditch west of the track.  
25/03/21Mute SwanEton Wick2K P Duncan
BREEDING pair sitting on a nest on the edge of the flood.  
17/03/21Mute SwanMill Pond, Bracknell3M Green
One nesting.  
18/03/21Mute SwanWhiteknights Lake, Reading2P Gipson
Pair laid 1st egg today.  
14/03/21Mute SwanPadworth Lane floods8R C Watts
05/03/21Mute SwanBurghfield Mill GP, Theale GPs15C Feltham
m/f. SU666706.  
02/03/21Mute SwanNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh9G Stewart
Group of 3, 4 & 2.  
01/03/21Mute SwanWindsor156B D Clews
counted between Eton Bridge and the Leisure Centre by Janet Foley.  
18/02/21Mute SwanWoose Hill1P Bright-Thomas
ad. High W (wingbeats heard through open window, but did see it).  
08/02/21Mute SwanJubilee River1K Rhodes
Dead unfortunately, have contacted Swan Support.  
30/01/21Mute Swanpromenade Windsor231D Fuller
mixture. Not aged or sexed as it was torrential rain Two Egyptian Goose there. SU965773.  
09/01/21Mute SwanFobney Island3R Holder
2 ad 1 juv.  
05/01/21Mute SwanSavernake Lake, Bracknell2J Crouch
2 juveniles still here.  
01/01/21Mute SwanSavernake Lake, Bracknell2J E Warren