DEAD SWANS Sadly 4 dead Swans were found at Hosehill recently. BBOWT and DEFRA have been advised due to the current national outbreak of Avian flu strain H5N1. This strain can be contracted by humans so if you come across dead birds don't touch them! Any sightings of multiple dead wild birds should be reported to DEFRA on 03459 335577.

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20/11/21MerlinRoden Downs1N J Bucknell
fem. grey/brown female flying fast & low across the Ridgeway, "buzzing" a Buzzard on a post en route.  
02/11/21MerlinCow Down, West Ilsley1A B Tomczynski
fem. Scoped, perched on hawthorn in scrub area then flew to attack something.  
13/02/21MerlinStreatley1N J Bucknell
male. flying low and fast northwards over Streatley Farm, causing consternation amongst the Woodpigeons.