Support berksbirds

7th April 2017 | Marek Walford

I created berksbirds in 2000 and it's been a huge success. In the early days the web hosting costs were very modest. However, as the number of users has increased, so to have the hosting costs. These costs were covered by advertising. However, advertising revenue is on a downward trend and income from advertising hasn't covered the monthly costs since June 2015.

I also run similar sites for other counties. Several of these have asked the rather morbid question, "what happens if I die?". This has prompted me to take steps to ensure that my websites can continue without me. Part of this is making sure they are self-financing.

One option I'm exploring is offering a "subscription". This is voluntary as I'm a firm believer in free bird news but if you would like to help out then please click here.

I'm considering additional benefits for subscribers, including the removal of advertising. If you have any other ideas please let me know.

Thanks for all your support. berksbirds wouldn't be the success it is without you!