Illegal fishing at Dorney Wetlands

7 May 2013 | Marek Walford

I received the following email from Derek Barker over the weekend:

"CDRH rang me last night to let me know That fishermen have been seen fishing in Dorney Wetlands (the guy who found the Bearded Tit mentioned it). DW is out of bounds to fishermen and as it is the close season there should be nobody fishing the jubilee river at all! It is extremely difficult to catch these people unless the police or EA are called. Could you put something on your website asking for anyone who sees anyone fishing in DW to call the police immediately."

"Apparently they have already tampered with a Mute Swan nest causing the birds to abandon the nest and if they go on the Redshanks island they will abandon the site as well. I will be ringing EA Fisheries tomorrow to see if any signs can be put up and see if the area can be patrolled more regularly."

I suggest the Thames Valley Police non-emergency number may be the most appropriate number to call - 101 or 0044 1865 841148.