2011 year listing results

10 January 2012 | Marek Walford

The results of the 2011 Berkshire Year Listing Competition are in. The winner could have been almost anybody. Mike looked to be in a prime spot with daily visits to QMR but everything he found stuck around or repeated and then he went off to Scotland during the purple patch in September. Both Andy T and Ken were struck with health problems but Ken managed to time his during the lean summer months. Andy's timing was less good and I won't mention the species he missed for fear of raising his heart pressure.

In the end it was very tight at the top but Andy H managed to hold off the opposition to win by one species and in the process break the county record of 201 (set by Chris Heard in 2003).

Everybody agrees it was a lot of fun, if a little stressful at times. Most agree they will never do it again. However, Peter Hutchins has already recorded 100 in 2012...


No. Name Total
1. Andy Horscroft 202
2. Nigel Cleere 201
  Ken Moore 201
3. Roger Stansfield 200
4. Andy Tomczynski 199
5. Peter Hutchins 198
6. Marek Walford 194
  Richard Gilham 194
  Mike McKee 194