What's the situation?

This website is run by me, Marek Walford. Running a website costs money. Since it's inception in 2000, I have been funding it myself, with a bit of help from advertising revenue.

What's the problem?

I want berksbirds to continue for a very long time. For this to happen it has to become self-sustaining. Advertising revenue is falling fast and running costs are increasing. Income from advertising hasn't covered the monthly costs since June 2015.

What can you do to help?

Become a supporter. This is entirely voluntary. However, if you would like to help out please choose an amount and click the Subscribe button. Every little helps! If all users gave £1 a month it would easily cover the costs. All processing is handled securely by PayPal and the money will be automatically taken every month until you cancel.

What will the money be used for?

My initial goal is £60 a month. This will be enough to break even. Monthly running costs are made up of:

What will you get in return?



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